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Through our Breakthrough Design

World's First AI White Box for autonomous investments.

X3 Model = Fully EXplainable + Leverage EXperience + EXponential Scale



1. Disrupt not Why but "How" Quant/Hedge funds are built.

2. Design & Create Deep Technology for Humans & Bots.

3. Democratize access to Hedge Funds.

4. Simplify adoption of Deep Technology by existing trading platforms.

Our Breakthrough Technology


Our Mission

Solve the challenge of A.I paradox:

 1. How can Machines be more Human ?

2. How can Humans prepare and compete against Machines ? 


Curious,Let's Connect & Share

Our Contact:



Wework Usaquen

Bogota, Colombia

Market Memory


Master Key to

Market Behavior and Memory.

We have created a unique master key to give the power of memory and vision to autonomous bots and human traders.


(*Patent Pending)


AI Framework*

Similarity Reinforced

Augmented Neural Networks.

We have created world's first fully Explainable AI Model, to leverage market and trade Experience for executing trading decisions for Exponential scale and returns.


(*Patent Pending)


Wealth Machines

Wealth Machines who

execute investment decisions.

Our autonomous trading bots have ability to learn, trade and manage multiple markets and instruments. We are developing an army of Atom Bots to manage our proprietary AI investment fund.